Welcome to the Library!

The Margery H. Nelson Medical Library services are available to all Hospital employees. The Medical Library provides education and access to medical literature, both in print and e-resources, through the library's collections. The library also provides document delivery, book loans and mediated literature search services to support the education, patient care and research missions of the Hospital. Please see our Services section of the site for more information.

We are happy to annouce the Library will now provide access to some of the major coding resources for all Hospital Staff to access. The coding resources are: CPT with RVU's Data File from Ingenix, HCPCS Level II, ICD-10-CM: Clinical Modification (2014 Draft), ICD-10-PCS: Procedure Coding System (2014 Draft), ICD-9-CM Volumes 1, 2 & 3 For Hospitals. The coding titles that renew to a higher level annually will do so automatically. For example: The ICD-9 will upgrade to the ICD-10 seamlessly when released. If you have any questions regarding the resources please contact the Library.

The Library has added 6 Ovid electronic titles to the journal collection. The titles can be accessed through our e-journal collection site on the left side bar. As of 2014, the print versions of these journal titles will no longer be purchased. Print backfiles are available for prior years.

The Library has added more E-book content to its collection. The Rittenhouse (R2 Library) E-Books are now accessible. If you have any questions regarding the R2 platform or E-Book content please contact the Library Director.

Enter your search terms to run a quick search for books, e-books and journals or click the Library Catalog link in the left navigation bar to open the full Library Catalog